What is LinkTracer?

LinkTracer is the worlds first FOREVER FREE link testing tool that lets any marketer, affiliate or affiliate network to check the validity of links that he/she is promoting across different mediums. LinkTracer allows you to see how your link would appear across various devices in different regions on different mobile carriers. It also allows you to check for broken links, redirects to unwanted landing pages, high link traversal times that lead to click loss and intermediaries trying to deprive you of your earnings.

Whats More - Use the LinkTracer Bot to setup automated tests to continuously check your link while you spend your time on more important things without losing any more money!

And all this for absolutely FREE - FOREVER"

LinkTracer for Affiliates and Affiliate Networks

EveryDay millions of clicks and revenue are lost by affiliates and affiliate networks thanks to the issue of broken links in this industry. While no one does this purposely, campaign re-brokering, technical changes at advertiser ends, issues at trackers and various other reasons cause links to break without sending out any information to the affiliate or the affiliate network that is promoting the campaign. This is where LinkTracer comes in. It keeps checking your affiliate links and notifies you when there is a breakage anywhere - saving you money every single minute - All this for FREE.

Who uses LinkTracer?

LinkTracer is the most preferred broken link detection tool for

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